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Start here… WordPress Tutorials

Read this article for an overview of the tutorials available for WordPress.

If you are totally new to WordPress, please watch this video.

WordPress: Basics

Next, take a look at the following 11 video tutorials which explain the basics of WordPress, from logging into the system through to creating and editing your first pages of content.

1. The Dashboard.


This tutorial will introduce you to the WordPress dashboard, in other words the command centre of your site, where you can view and edit pages, menus, etc.

2. Posts vs Pages


This tutorial will explain the difference between a post and a page and how to work with each of them.

3. The Editor


This tutorial will show you how to edit pages and posts using the WordPress editor.

4. Creating a New Post


This tutorial will explain how to create and save a new post.

5. Post Formats


This tutorial will talk you through the range of formats you can use for your posts.

6. Edit an Existing Post


This tutorial will explain how to go into your WordPress dashboard and edit an existing post.

7. Categories and Tags


This tutorial will explain what categories and tags are and how to use them to better organise your posts.

8. Creating Pages


This tutorial will show you how to create and edit pages in WordPress.

9. Adding Images


This tutorial will show you how to add photos and images to your pages and posts.

10. The Media Library


This tutorial will show you around the media library so you can make best use of it as well as learn how to label and name your pictures and images.

11. Creating Links

This tutorial will guide you through creating links (to other websites, to email addresses, to other pages or to images) on your posts and pages.

WordPress: Next Steps

Once you are familiar with all of the WordPress Basics you should work your way through the following more advanced WordPress Topics.

Widgets & Widget Areas

Adding New users
Adding new users and assigning permissions based on roles.

Building Custom Menus
Managing your main navigation menu or creating new menus to be shown in sidebars or other widget areas.

Managing Comments
Using the integrated comments system in WordPress.

Settings and Configuration

Useful Tools

Undoing Mistakes with Post Revisions

What is RSS

Updated on May 3, 2016

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